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Today, I’m Nina, the character played by Natalie Portman in Black Swan.
(of course, not the looks or that i’m suddenly a ballerina,  just a metaphor)

I’m in her shoes and i felt her stress.
The constant doubt of own strength and ability.
The fear of competition that someone will replace her anytime.
The insecure and the impossible fact of achieving perfection….

There’s no way one can be sane, by having such thoughts playing in mind constantly.

Well, not that i pushed myself as far as Nina did.
It’s just, the amount of work and challenge faced lately are absolutely overwhelming.
Point is, i wanted to try my best to make things perfect.
Yet, knowing the fact that perfect is unattainable makes me depress.

Perfection lies among the other side of a locked window.
You can view it from a distance.
But you can’t have it.
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PS: I won’t be Nina tomorrow. It’s a one-day-show. Tomorrow,  I shall resolve back to essays are unique and of high quality take things easy. : D





  1. chrystalg
    Posted on: 4-21-2011

    Wah! Congratulations babe! A for yourself~
    Better go bookmark it. Looking forward to more great stuffs ^^

    • admin
      Posted on: 4-22-2011

      hey chrystal!!!
      hehe, glad that you drop by!!!
      same to you.. write more so i get to read!

  2. V
    Posted on: 4-30-2011

    We can never achieve perfection, but we can try our best to find perfection in the many flaws of life. And yet in the progress enjoy and love what we do may be a difficult task, but we would get lots of help (love and hugs) MISS YOU BABE! Take the time to breath and remember, will always love you. P.S:// you know where to find me!

  3. AbbyTai
    Posted on: 5-3-2011

    Dear V,

    Thanks for the concern!!!

    You can come here to see my updates, but for me to get your updates, you’re obligated to report to me what happen to you ya! XD

    I know where to find you, don’t worry.
    we can keep it touch better, if i successfully got my iphone.



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