honey business

February 22nd, 2012




He once mention the interest about different occupation, and the plan to keep a collection of it. The idea has somehow extended to me. It’s fascinating to see how one put so much effort in the work they do. Until a point, the skill they master have become part of their life. These passion gives me goosebumps, srsly. Eventually, i found myself observing people doing “their thing” too.

Then i wonder, had the influence gone so badly that i can’t help?
Or is it that i choose to be affected, simply because, that’s exactly what i can related to?

I know for sure, it’s a conscious choice i made. We only let things we like to get close to us. Close enough to make an impact. Whether or not it’s for good or worse, it’s our choice. In this case, I have always love photography, and now, there’s a new definition to the shutter i release. I wouldn’t say I lost myself, more like the inspiration has open up more perspective to me.


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Back to the subject, met this honey seller in Cameron. Not every subject interest me, but this uncle got passion that overflow when he talks about his honey. As if, he really mean it when he says, “It’s the best in town”

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To be frank, this is my first time seeing honeycomb that close, or even have taste of it. Not super sweet, but pure, and honeycomb turns out to be crunchy.

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It was drizzling that night, and the wind almost blew away his shelter. Guess what he says, “god must be jealous of my success”. -__-

How to not buy from him?



Photos made in december 2011, Cameron



  1. Posted on: 4-24-2012

    awesome piece with F4

    • AbbyTai
      Posted on: 4-24-2012

      is not F4 lehh.. mine is FG20.


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